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Cherie takes on Las Vegas!

Another AMAZING accomplishment by a Fund A Future Alumni -- Cherie was a teenager when we started working with Alay Kapwa Cooperative in Cebu City, Philippines. We were focused on students entering high school for the pilot scholarship program, and Cherie's little sister was part of that initial group. When visiting families and Alay Kapwa center, Cherie caught our attention with her bigger than life personality and ability to uplift our day with her cheerful singing voice. We ended up enlisting her help as a liaison between ourselves and the students, since her English was excellent and the younger students trusted her. In other words, she was instrumental in making the scholarship program happen.

Ten years later, we had an opportunity to pay it forward - Cherie was accepted to teach at a junior high in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of a cultural/ teacher exchange program. Fund A Future was able to help assist Cherie though the visa and relocation process. She is now state side and is sharing her culture, leadership, and humor with her 8th grade students at Somerset Academy in Las Vegas.

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