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Junessa Atillo - A Star Student and Athlete

Junessa is making the most of her final year at Cebu Technological University.

She's working on her senior Industrial Engineering project where each student writes a research paper and completes a feasibility study on a new product or system. Outside of excelling in academics, Junessa is a star athlete.

She participates in her University's volleyball, basketball, and indoor soccer teams at the intramural and club levels. Earlier this year, her indoor soccer team took part in the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association's Regional Meet where different branches of her school complete in a variety of sports.

Her indoor soccer team was the regional champion and they qualified for the national competition. Junessa is already working hard with her team to prepare for the Regional Meet again at the beginning of 2019.

In her own words Junessa says "It's hard to be a student athlete but if you really love sports and your studies you will find time for each... I would not go this far without the help of you, Tita Cheryl and all the people behind this. I'm blessed to be part of this scholarship program".

Congratulations, Junessa! Your Fund a Future Family is extremely proud of you!

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