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Food Support for Alay Kapwa Families

Here in the US we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to the pandemic. Unfortunately, vaccinations have not started in the Philippines and the pandemic still rages on. In both countries, low-income families bear the brunt of the economic consequences of the past year. Since Alay Kapwa families live in generational poverty, a crisis like this can take a family from just getting by to extremely food insecure. So in addition to providing scholarships and laptops for remote learning, we have decided to dedicate funds to supply food to all 235 families. We aren't able to cover the costs of groceries every week but are hoping to do enough to help keep families from falling too far behind. The delivery of food packages to each family was met with relief and gratitude. These families are really special and I'm so happy we are able to help!


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