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Home Repair Before and After Pictures

This project has made me more proud of our organization and grateful for our donors than ever before. Our small community of compassionate people has helped another community clear across the world get their feet back underneath them and a roof back over their head. Alay Kapwa families were truly in desperate need of help after Typhoon Rai, sleeping in open frame structures or displaced from their homes entirely. Fund A Future donors rose to the challenge, and we were able to send $250 to each family to help cover the cost of repairs. I'm happy to say that all of our scholars are now back in safe and dry homes.

One of the scholars describes it best, "Its already been two months since the typhoon struck our place. We had no electricity, our house was damaged, food resources were scarce - it was definitely a hard time. But with the money you sent we were able to, albeit gradually, fix our home. Thank you so much for the care and kindness you showed us when we needed help the most. It is nice to know someone is looking out for us when we are in crisis. The help you sent was truly a blessing to us. It helped us in rebuilding our house and it paved the way for us to move forward."


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