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The Aftermath of Typhoon Rai

Typhoon Rai (known as Odette in the Philippines) was the worst storm to hit the Visayas (central islands of the Philippines) in many years. It blew away buildings and severely damaged what remained standing. It cut off power, water, and communication, and recovery has been slow. Every single one of our scholars was affected. One told me about the significant damage to her family's walls and roof and that they've been using towels to try to protect themselves and their belongings from the elements. This catastrophe has added to the many hurdles these families must to overcome in order to reach our collective goal of college graduation for each scholar.

Despite all of this, my concern for this little community has turned into hope due to the dedication and compassion of our supporters! Together, we have raised $5,000 over the last month! The money is going towards food support, fresh drinking water, and repairs on all 11 of the scholars' homes. I really can't believe how committed and steady our supporters have been, and how people have stepped up time and time again just when we needed it most! On behalf of myself and the Alay Kapwa members and scholars -- we are forever grateful!!!


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